The Great General, Lord of the Blade

Symbol: Two weapons clashing, usually over a shield

Although Tarvagor (TAR-vuh-gor) is the god who first taught medicine to the lesser races and usually benign, his rage is mighty to behold. He usually appears as an extremely fit young human, always ready for battle. He often makes appearances in major battles, not usually helping either side, but losing himself in the battle.


Tarvagor values freedom above all, and the free choice of the lesser races to do as they will. He has intervened in the past and been punished for such during times when he believe the gods were mettling too much. It is believe that it was during this punishment (becoming mortal) that the orcs became a more enlightened race than the horde they had been previously.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Tarvagor are seldom still, seeking out oppression and battle wherever they can find it.


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