Queen of Death, The Porcelain Queen

Symbol: A porcelain doll or a porcelain doll face

Glossbereth (GLOSS-buh-reth) is the mother of the Gods. Her appearance is similar to the porcelain doll that she uses as her symbol. She rules over her domain from her throne on the moon. She is the mother of Gavendes, Tarvagor and many other of the gods, as well as husband to Arbalon, and sibling to Earenguldur and Anor.


Death comes to all mortals, it is what seperates them from the divine. You’ll have in the afterlife what you earn during your life. Undeath is an abominationof this natural process and should be destroyed.

Clergy and Temples

Priests dress as befitting to the rank they earn, increasingly wealthier as they rise in temple status. Temples are usually separate from most areas, with a good view of the moon. The standard death rite is exposure so death may judge from the moon, then burning to release the soul.


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