The Atlazelle Calendar has 12 months, consisting of 5 weeks of 6 days each. Each month is seperated by a holiday, for a year of 372 days. Each time there is a new King or Queen, their name is given to the last month of the year, and all others are moved up one, making deciphering ancient tomes a challenge at best.

Months Died, Figolfin, Etar, Kedri, Ibed, Raud, Karius, Kalid, Yasaris, Cedrin, Bered, Frais

Days of the Week Heriaday, Tanday, Eneday, Canaday, Methday, Dinenday

Holidays Henoday, Celuday, Aranday, Milathday, Laerday, Authday, Enaladay, Iavasday, Berethday, Minasday, Rhiwday, Edenday


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