With a passion reserved only for youth, Syriak shines in the face of challenge. An eccentric youth that shows strength in charming the most effete and proper of nobles, yet shows same strength while wading knee-deep in the gore of his enemies. His wild, emerald eyes show a level of wisdom not seen in his age. His hair reveals mysteries: long, straight and finely trimmed even after the most bloody of battles, and a deep maroon color not found commonly in humans. This diminutive figure’s crimson blood-lust is matched only by his silver-tongued charm. He is both a staunch ally and a violent enemy.

He also has stats.


Despite his young age, Syriak claims to have fought in the War of Fae and Man for several years. With a smirk and a laugh he rejects said War as a mere “show of arrogance and bravado on both sides.” He eagerly joined the Crusade against Gavendes, hoping for a “real battle against a true enemy.”

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