Blade-Brother Maximus

Str 21 HP 101
Con 13 HS 2
Dex 12 AC 30
Int 11 F 22
Wis 14 R 23
Chr 17 W 22
Init +6
Class Divine Challenge Lay on Hands
At Will Holy Strike
Encounter Carving Path of Light Thunder Smite
Daily One Stands Alone
Utility Turn the Tide Wrath of the Gods

Skills: Religion, Intimidate

Equipment: Plate Armor, Heavy Shield, Longsword (Sunblade +3), 6 Javelins

Attack: +10 +ability (if with sword,+4)

Damage: +5 +ability (if with sword, +1)


Blade-Brother Maximus reminds you of a hunting tiger. His thick, curly, brown hair is very short and is worn in a businesslike style. He has a narrow build with white skin, high cheekbones and a distinctive nose. His wardrobe is impractical and elegant, with a lot of black and violet. He’s usually found pacing.

Blade-Brother Maximus

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