Third Game

The day after the crusaders defeated the small Cult of the Mute in Broken Tower, the interim Lord Mayor, Johnathan Alexander Merchant, approached them, reporting that they were going to run low on food soon. From the assassins that had attacked the previous day, they found that the larger outpost of the Cult of the Mute was headquartered at Woodcrest Manor. The crusaders were quickly able to determine from the information they had received that some sort of ritual was being performed, and it had to be completed by the next evening. As the strange sensation that accompanies the weakening of the doorways between worlds descended upon them, they made haste towards Woodcrest Manor.

On the way to Woodcrest Manor, they found signs of an altercation in the road, and followed them to a small graveyard, where they found several broken wagons, their contents strewn about. Of more import, though, was a large group of undead fighting what appeared to be a monstrous spider. As the crusaders joined the battle, the spider turned out to be a shapeshifter, who they later found to be named Sparkles. They also found several bodies accompanying the wagons, amoung them the corpse of the former Lord Mayor of Broken Tower. One of the creatures they fought carried a note from Woodcrest Manor which included the pass phrase. They hurried on through the night, their numbers now bolstered by the child-like fae.

Upon arrival at Woodcrest Manor, the crusaders found the place infested with undead and cultists, including a hulk of an undead Orc. After valiantly defeating the Orc, the crusaders found a secret passageway leading to where the ritual was being performed. As they went to descend it, time stood still, and they were visited by the goddess Glirin, who bestowed her blessing upon them for the upcoming battle. With her favor, they fought the cultist and his minions in front of a portal leading to death itself. The battle was long and hard, but victorious. The ritual had been stopped.

The crusaders returned to Broken Tower, where they found several wizards preparing a portal for the arrival of…Prince Cedric Ellezalta. He bestowed his favors upon them in a hurried thanks for their effort: church titles for Caiaphus and Miri, a ship, land grants, and an escort to see the Queen of Rot and Flowers.


orcwarrior krhinehart

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