Sixth Game

Returned to Broken Tower to meet Maximus, found out that undead and cultists were attacking townspeople from the inbetween – townspeople were hiding out in big buildings and blocking doors and windows as best they could – MAximus gave us his hunting hounds to take with us to try and fix problem

Rumor was that cause of problem was under ruins of Broken Tower – Caiaphus used Hand of Fate and memories to find right spot to dig, and we found notes on performing a ritual to enter the inbetween

Performed ritual, entered to find the guardian – a black dragon. Were talking with guardian when miri saw gavendes holy symbol, wasn’t able to hide discovery, dragon attacked.

After dragon attacked, used hounds to hunt undead in the maze of the inbetween. After several encounters, heard cries of child – followed them through several groups of lesser undead to pale reaver and minions around vortex in the inbetween

Reaver prayed to his lord, Miri said his lord woudln’t here him because he was asleep under the heel of her lady, minions all attacked her – lost of fighting that left her unconscious, but rest of party was able to dispatch remains of group

rested, healed, returned to Broken Tower where attacks had stopped.


orcwarrior krhinehart

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