Second Game

After defeating the undead of Howling Lake, the town counsel requests the crusaders to escort a food caravan to Broken Tower as the last caravan had not returned. While traveling, the crusaders came across a group of refugees being chased by undead, and after rescuing them, discovered that the gates of Broken Tower had been closed, and no one was allowed entrance. They also discovered a Fae within the caravan, who left peacefully, and weathered an assault by a throng of zombies.

The crusaders arrived at Broken Tower, and using force of personality, made their way through the gates, soon taking over the town from the ineffective Lord-Mayor. Establishing some rule, they were able to open the gates once again. Then, after speaking to a Fae, and listening to the rumors of the street, they set forth to investigate the “broken tower”, for which the town was named, that was supposedly haunted.

They discovered a small post of the Cult of the Mute headquartered there, which they soon routed, including a priest and a paladin of Gavendes, the latter of which could corrupt and reflect divine turning back upon the living.

Returning to the town proper to spread the good news, they were ambushed by assassins, showing word of the crusaders had spread. The assassins claimed that Gavendes already walked the Earth and was too powerful to be stopped.

The crusaders defeated them in a bloody battle, with no loss of life to the townsfolk.


orcwarrior krhinehart

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