First Game

The party is tasked by Blade-Brother Maximus to travel to Eastbridge to investigate rumors of the walking dead. While on their way they are ambushed by the minions of the Mute. Once they arrive at the village, they discover several of the townsfolk have gone missing, kidnapped in the night. After resting they proceed to the cemetery to investigate.

In the cemetery they battle their way past zombies and necrotic hounds, and rescue three of the five missing townsfolk from many forms of undead (zombies, skeletons and different types of insubstantial) and a flying brain in a jar.

Hearing heard that men and women of the holy cloth were in Eastbridge, a Counselor from Howling Lake asked them to journey to her home and help them as well. After sending a mission brief to Blade-Brother Maximus, they proceeded, and routed an infested construction site caused by the Gavendes cult that had holed up inside the slums there.


orcwarrior krhinehart

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