Sixth Game

Returned to Broken Tower to meet Maximus, found out that undead and cultists were attacking townspeople from the inbetween – townspeople were hiding out in big buildings and blocking doors and windows as best they could – MAximus gave us his hunting hounds to take with us to try and fix problem

Rumor was that cause of problem was under ruins of Broken Tower – Caiaphus used Hand of Fate and memories to find right spot to dig, and we found notes on performing a ritual to enter the inbetween

Performed ritual, entered to find the guardian – a black dragon. Were talking with guardian when miri saw gavendes holy symbol, wasn’t able to hide discovery, dragon attacked.

After dragon attacked, used hounds to hunt undead in the maze of the inbetween. After several encounters, heard cries of child – followed them through several groups of lesser undead to pale reaver and minions around vortex in the inbetween

Reaver prayed to his lord, Miri said his lord woudln’t here him because he was asleep under the heel of her lady, minions all attacked her – lost of fighting that left her unconscious, but rest of party was able to dispatch remains of group

rested, healed, returned to Broken Tower where attacks had stopped.

Fifth Game
Happy Fourth

We celebrated the 4th in the traditional fashion… battling the stillborn high priest over the city walls of Riverton, then eradicating cultists of the maimed god Gavendes in the catacombs beneath the city. The citizens of Riverton greeted us as liberators! Reclaiming Riverton was just part of our mission to create a safe and secure Atlazelle though. While we failed to find the cult’s dread zombie creation pits, the treasure we looted and the experience points we gained will prove invaluable in fueling our our perpetual war against the undead menace!

Fourth Game

Shortly after Prince Cedric left, Brother Maximus arrived in Broken Tower. He set up headquarters there, and also bestowed rewards upon the crusaders. Reminded by Maximus of the dire food situation in Broken Tower, they began to put together a caravan. The crusaders tested the townsfolks, and took a group of able-bodied recruits with them to travel to the town of Riverton to obtain food. (While Warlburg was closer to Broken Tower, and indeed would have to be passed on the way to Riverton, the city had recently fallen to the hordes of the Cult of the Mute.)

Before reaching the outskirts of Warlburg, the caravan was attacked by bandits. The crusaders, leaving the recruits to guard the wagons, tracked the bandits to their stronghold, an abandoned Fae stronghold. They easily fought through the bandits, but came across a demon that had been imprisoned there, and had to fight it as well. When they finished returning the demon to its resting place in hell, they found an older part of the stronghold where a cultist was trying to use the Hide of the Ocedri Bull to power a ritual. The crusaders were able to stop the ritual, although at the loss of the Memories of Caiphus. They recovered the artifact, which was bestowed upon the barbarian, Nalla, and returned to the caravan.

The crusaders continued on, and managed to safely skirt around Warlburg, but were ambushed again on their way to Riverton. A host of Fae descended upon the caravan, and began to spirit their supplies away into the Feywild. The crusaders managed to subdue some of the Fae and negotiate with their leader, a unicorn, while keeping the recruits from fatally harming any of the creatures. The unicorn returned the two crusaders who had been spirited to the Feywild (Robin having gone voluntarily to chase his quarry) and the caravan continued on its way.

When they arrived at Warlburg, however, they were in for a surprise. The gates were closed, and archers posted on the walls, arrows at the ready. A priest, presumably the leader of the city, shouted down claiming that he knew “who you are and what you are doing” and that he would would have nothing to do with those who aided the Fae.

Third Game

The day after the crusaders defeated the small Cult of the Mute in Broken Tower, the interim Lord Mayor, Johnathan Alexander Merchant, approached them, reporting that they were going to run low on food soon. From the assassins that had attacked the previous day, they found that the larger outpost of the Cult of the Mute was headquartered at Woodcrest Manor. The crusaders were quickly able to determine from the information they had received that some sort of ritual was being performed, and it had to be completed by the next evening. As the strange sensation that accompanies the weakening of the doorways between worlds descended upon them, they made haste towards Woodcrest Manor.

On the way to Woodcrest Manor, they found signs of an altercation in the road, and followed them to a small graveyard, where they found several broken wagons, their contents strewn about. Of more import, though, was a large group of undead fighting what appeared to be a monstrous spider. As the crusaders joined the battle, the spider turned out to be a shapeshifter, who they later found to be named Sparkles. They also found several bodies accompanying the wagons, amoung them the corpse of the former Lord Mayor of Broken Tower. One of the creatures they fought carried a note from Woodcrest Manor which included the pass phrase. They hurried on through the night, their numbers now bolstered by the child-like fae.

Upon arrival at Woodcrest Manor, the crusaders found the place infested with undead and cultists, including a hulk of an undead Orc. After valiantly defeating the Orc, the crusaders found a secret passageway leading to where the ritual was being performed. As they went to descend it, time stood still, and they were visited by the goddess Glirin, who bestowed her blessing upon them for the upcoming battle. With her favor, they fought the cultist and his minions in front of a portal leading to death itself. The battle was long and hard, but victorious. The ritual had been stopped.

The crusaders returned to Broken Tower, where they found several wizards preparing a portal for the arrival of…Prince Cedric Ellezalta. He bestowed his favors upon them in a hurried thanks for their effort: church titles for Caiaphus and Miri, a ship, land grants, and an escort to see the Queen of Rot and Flowers.

Second Game

After defeating the undead of Howling Lake, the town counsel requests the crusaders to escort a food caravan to Broken Tower as the last caravan had not returned. While traveling, the crusaders came across a group of refugees being chased by undead, and after rescuing them, discovered that the gates of Broken Tower had been closed, and no one was allowed entrance. They also discovered a Fae within the caravan, who left peacefully, and weathered an assault by a throng of zombies.

The crusaders arrived at Broken Tower, and using force of personality, made their way through the gates, soon taking over the town from the ineffective Lord-Mayor. Establishing some rule, they were able to open the gates once again. Then, after speaking to a Fae, and listening to the rumors of the street, they set forth to investigate the “broken tower”, for which the town was named, that was supposedly haunted.

They discovered a small post of the Cult of the Mute headquartered there, which they soon routed, including a priest and a paladin of Gavendes, the latter of which could corrupt and reflect divine turning back upon the living.

Returning to the town proper to spread the good news, they were ambushed by assassins, showing word of the crusaders had spread. The assassins claimed that Gavendes already walked the Earth and was too powerful to be stopped.

The crusaders defeated them in a bloody battle, with no loss of life to the townsfolk.

First Game

The party is tasked by Blade-Brother Maximus to travel to Eastbridge to investigate rumors of the walking dead. While on their way they are ambushed by the minions of the Mute. Once they arrive at the village, they discover several of the townsfolk have gone missing, kidnapped in the night. After resting they proceed to the cemetery to investigate.

In the cemetery they battle their way past zombies and necrotic hounds, and rescue three of the five missing townsfolk from many forms of undead (zombies, skeletons and different types of insubstantial) and a flying brain in a jar.

Hearing heard that men and women of the holy cloth were in Eastbridge, a Counselor from Howling Lake asked them to journey to her home and help them as well. After sending a mission brief to Blade-Brother Maximus, they proceeded, and routed an infested construction site caused by the Gavendes cult that had holed up inside the slums there.


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