A Holy Crusade…

For over a generation, Mankind has been at war with the Fae. The Great Empire of Atlazelle has used this war to expand their borders throughout most of the human populations of the continent. The front now lies in the last refuges of the fairy homelands: The Great Elven Forest, Dragonspine Mountains, and Last Shire.

Unbeknownst to both sides a new threat has arisen. The Dark God, Gavendes the Mute, fed by the carnage of the war at such places as the Line of Blood and the Pass of Madness, has gained enough power to fuel a great plague, a plague that brings a gross mockery of life to the dead.

Powerful oracles on both sides of the war have now sensed the danger. Through blood, sweat and tears, these holy beings have united the churches to form a holy crusade. A crusade that will seek and destroy the minions of the Mute, wherever they are found, before they can once again gain a foothold on the world.

Enter Blade-Brother Maximus: Knight of the First Church of the Sword, Champion of Tarvagor, and Veteran of the Fourth Orc War. Tasked to oversee the holy crusade in Empire Lands, he has put no small effort in organizing units to investigate every claim of dark magic, creatures of the night or the risen dead.

One of these units has been entrusted to the lands of Howling Lake, and the surrounding villages:

Miri, a Sister of the Dawn, hailing from the Church of the Eternal Light far to the West, stands ready to lay the undead to rest, with the holy light of the Sun.

Robin Redcap, a young and blood-thirsty Redcap, who seeks vengeance in the name of Miniulhen. Woe betides those who seek to escape his wrath.

Inquisitor Caiaphas, an eternal foe of The Unspoken One, has been denied the afterlife everlasting, until he fulfills his promise to Glossbereth to remove her wayward son from the Earth. Strike him down, and he will be born again.

Syriak, Knight of the First Church of the Sword, and Squire of Tarvagor. In times of battle, a brutal, passionate warrior with limitless courage. In times of peace, a charming, silver-tongued noble able to talk himself out of (or into) any situation. This human hides his Fae ancestry, for fear either side should discover it.

Together they strike against the undead with:

Nalla, a towering Ice Barbarian from the far reaches of the North. Away from her tribe of dragon-tamers on the Ice Plateau, fulfilling the ritual they call Path Choosing, she has joined forces with the holy crusaders to route out the un-living.

Sparkles, a young and capricious Fae shapeshifter. Rescued by the crusaders from the grasp of the undead, now she fights along side them.


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